Tuesday, 19 June 2007


My cellphone started to vibrate while I was working on a case at my table. As I looked upon the registered name: she's the person at the left side picture of this page - Miss Jeli Mateo. I texted her about two days ago asking if she already saw the blog I made for her. I've taken pictures of so many celebrities, Tin-Tin Versola is one among the nice person, friendly and always smiles. Others were like her too, but Jeli Mateo is different. As I was staring at her while I'm holding my camera and after our eyes met, she approached me and offered a handshake saying: "I'm Jeli". What a gesture from a lady . . .. It's not only from without, but a beauty from within. She deserves the admiration.

Because she deserves it, I posted and made pages for Jeli at Pinoyblogsphere which is now continously viewed by more than hundred viewers; at my page in 360.yahoo, which already enjoys more than 5,000 page views and with my other groups in pinoyblogosphere and yahoo groups. Soon at my sites in You Tube. I also mentioned her in my recent blog in tagalog about Undersecretary Robert T. Rivera, Heber Bartolome and the Banyuhay. Congratulations, Jeli. You deserve it.

Don't worry too much of the counter hereunder, it's linked with my main page and does not really reflect the total readers of all the pages I mentioned above, which continuous to grow over thousands.

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